Welcome to the hybrid workplace!

As we approach the return to work, what will it look like?

Well, it seems much of what we thought it would look like was written in the Modern Workplace Report of 2019 before our world changed. Last years report had already given notice that most organisations (over 60%) expected that significant work would be done in the cloud and that this would reduce the need for office space and meeting rooms. Quite literally, anywhere works. And, perhaps earlier than anticipated, so it has come to pass.

Crisis has created change, as we have been lurched forward (willingly or otherwise) into the thick of digitilisation and modernisation of the workspace. And the change that has come about seems to have found its level. After a general surprise at how those reticent with technology had managed to grasp the now all-pervasive Zoom – there is more than a little Zoom fatigue creeping in. Some will talk of the tiredness they feel after a day on video calls that is different from that experienced in physical meetings before. Others just want to (re)experience a working environment beyond the home/kitchen table.

The future will accommodate both. Two days a week working from home will for many be a new norm, whilst the rest of the week we can get what we need professionally, creatively and spiritually from emerging from our domestic offices and re-engaging with the commute. Welcome to the hybrid workplace.