Case Studies

Examples of how gofastforward participants have put their learning into practice.


Subsea 7 – developing offshore leadership

‘We saw some trends that pointed towards a gap in our offshore supervisors development – something was missing. We sat down with gofastforward, explained our problem and pooled our collective knowledge to come up with a bespoke course to help motivate and embed some key expectations in our offshore supervisors. That was pretty good;  however, what was excellent was how we then worked together to bring it to life and to give it substance and credibility during the actual delivery. It plugs the gap we had and delivers many less obvious spin-off benefits as well. The reaction from our supervisors has been great and it’s proven to be popular and valued by all.

Working with gofastforward helped us refine a course that not only addressed that need but delivered on a much wider spectrum … this is now proving very effective and is making a positive impact on both the individual and his team’.

Gavin Smith, Subsea 7

Business Stream – developing talent

‘Business Stream is an example of an entrepreneurial, fast-moving business. It is people-centred and customer-focused and its success in no small measure comes from its understanding that people make (or break) a business. Business Stream needs and nurtures talented individuals – because that’s what keeps it forging ahead.

gofastforward developed a programme to develop our young leaders of promise into talent realised. Those individuals not only deliver on the strategy now but will be the keepers of the strategic success of the business in the future. Addressing all the people skills which were needed to complement their technical skills, the Talent Stream programme was a 6 month long, monthly development forum which not only built individual skills but developed their ability to operate at the highest level as a team.

Subsequently, the graduates have moved up the organisation with increased responsibility and accountability. Their success is testament to the effectiveness of one of our most popular development programmes.

Martin Poole | Business Stream Training Manager

Talisman – graduate development for tomorrow leaders

We have entrusted graduate development to gofastforward for the past 10 years. They have managed to take inexperienced but technically clever talent and open the tap of their potential. This programme develops confidence and competence to operate in the fast- moving ‘always on’ oil & gas sector and has given them the ability to handle with ease the transition from academic life to working life.

A 12 month long programme, it lets the graduate not just know the skills required to get the best out of themselves and others in this industry but practice them. On graduation day of the programme, the transition that is obvious with each participant is a source of great satisfaction to us and the senior management who are unstinting in their support.

This programme is a great head-start for this young talent and go:graduate is a superb advert for Talisman’s investment in it and the industry’s future.

Jennifer Leith | Talisman Sinopec Learning & Development lead

Management Development Programme

In Spring 2014, our oil and gas facility was in the middle of a significant personnel and equipment change programme.  In addition, after many years of self-sufficiency, the site was being asked to align its internal processes and practices with central, corporate policy.  An “us” and “them” divide developed between the long serving population and the new arrivals and, for the long termers, a sense that rather than being part of the site re-invigoration, these changes were being ‘done to them’.  As a result there was little ownership or responsibility taken by individuals.  The ‘us’ believing that since they were not part of the path to progress, they should leave the new arrivals to get on with the changes, while the ‘them’ anticipated obstructionist behaviour from their counterparts that would prevent them from being successful at any new endeavour.

gofastforward were brought into this difficult situation to help develop the leadership team, not only as individual leaders but also to improve teamwork and communication among the hierarchy.

Although apparently simplistic, this defines some of the most important successes encountered during this programme. Being able to critically evaluate the actions of self and others requires a level of objectivity that is almost impossible to achieve within the work-space; particularly in an atmosphere of constant activity and change.  gofastforward required individuals to take time to analyse their motivations and then facilitated the forum in which these business and personal drivers could be openly discussed generating a common level of understanding that had not previously been evident.

Intertwined with the deliberate process of improving relationships, gofastforward have focused heavily on the application of good leadership; ensuring that the good practice discussed in groups is being personally manifested on a daily basis.   By following up with participants to ascertain what successes and disappointments they have experienced, the programme has demanded that individuals develop the habit of benchmarking their progress over time.

gofastforward have worked closely with us to ensure they align with our corporate structures and operate in a way that is commensurate with our ‘values and behaviours’ policies.  As a result, over the course of the last year, gofastforward has challenged our leaders to express their concerns and assumptions; to agree actions for improvement but most importantly to demonstrably shoulder the responsibilities of leadership on site in a manner that is entirely in keeping with corporate intent.

As a result, this once disparate group is developing into a team based on mutual respect which applies good leadership behaviours on a daily basis.

Del Stevens | Learning and Development Manager |  Global Oil Company

Culture Change Programme

gofastforward  were commissioned by myself to deliver support to an ambitious change programme in a difficult environment in a remote location. The decision to hire the Company was taken very quickly given the exciting insights and clear demonstration of deep expertise  by the Company owner. What is so very powerful is their approach which delivers a structured long engagement with the team at site in a no nonsense yet professional and deeply technical way. The hardest part of a programme like this I believe is getting the engagement of the team or ‘victims’ as the team actually see it!!

In the early stages there was plenty of deflective behaviour on hand with strong and vocal criticism of the intent of the programme and frankly the capability of the team from gofastforward. To see the complete 180 degree turn by the group has been stunning. We have a team now who believe in the programme and gofastforward but most importantly believe above all in themselves as individuals and as a team. It has been a pleasure watching them grow and increase their effectiveness and while it takes the person to turn, it takes a company like gofastforward to create the environment for the people to change from victims to leaders in a safe environment that encourages personal growth. The style, the passion and experience of gofastforward and the team were wholly responsible for this and while I had high expectations based on the first meeting with them its fair to say they have surpassed that expectation significantly.

Pete Faulkner | Midstream Operations Manager | Global Oil Company