Offshore Safety Leadership

July 7, 2021

In offshore safety, organisations have safe systems of work with procedures and typically have some Supervisory training in place. Many reach a level of system compliance that keep an auditor happy. Yet, incident rates may remain stubborn. Why? Here are some areas to check: Do people know who is responsible for every safety element? Are … Continue reading Offshore Safety Leadership


February 4, 2021

I often hear in discussions on leadership a question asked of another “So what kind of Leader are you?” Populist leadership appears to having its moment in politics with “I’m just like you and it’s us against them”. But (certainly since the demise of workers unions) there is less of that in organisations. More than … Continue reading Leadership

Resilient Leadership of Teams

March 4, 2020

When times are challenging, subsequent reorganisation often create changed teams of new people and additional responsibilities.  In Oil & Gas for example, trading conditions have deteriorated further and the inevitable reorganisation means new teams and leaders need to perform better now than ever. A leader in a ‘streamlined’ reorganisation might see his best performers go … Continue reading Resilient Leadership of Teams

Customer Management in 60 Seconds

June 15, 2017

Customer Management in 60 Seconds!  A quick guide …. Know who ALL your customers are – those outside the company who buy your products and services and colleagues who help to produce or deliver them. You can’t manage the one without the co-operation of the other.   Successful managers are emotionally intelligent – knowing their … Continue reading Customer Management in 60 Seconds

How to Present Persuasively

June 12, 2017

Ten Top Tips to put you in pole position on the podium in order to present persuasively.   You talking to me? Know your audience – their turn off’s and turn on’s. Pander to these and make your message meaningful and memorable for them.   Know your stuff? Research thoroughly, think creatively and construct your … Continue reading How to Present Persuasively

man presenting

10 Tips on Performance Turnaround

May 11, 2017

10 Tips on Performance Turnaround There are lots of costs and risks of failing to deal with under-performance or conduct issues.  Here are some tips on performance turnaround which may help minimize these risks. Don’t Procrastinate  Act Now. If you are unhappy with performance, act while it can still be turned around. No surprises. Letting … Continue reading 10 Tips on Performance Turnaround

Graph indicating elevated performance

Do I Need to Manage Talent?

March 10, 2016

Why is talent management so important? Talent management is very important for a number of reasons. Talent Management is about people – without people your organisation would not exist. It’s also the biggest investment in an asset an organisation makes year in, year out (check out your annual salary bill). You have to understand where … Continue reading Do I Need to Manage Talent?

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