Essential Supervisor Skills

An inspirational programme of practical supervisor leadership skills for Team Leaders, Supervisors and new Managers across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

This course is run both In Class and Virtual.

What will be the outcomes?

  • Confident Leadership | A Leader who understands people
  • Ability to Manage Performance | Productive performance feedback
  • Leadership Behaviours | You and your team , walk the talk
  • Effective Communication | Clear, persuasive communication
  • Productive Delegation | Get the best from your people
  • Lead a Team from Forming to Performing | And with each team reform
  • Practical , Immediately Applicable Tools | Minimum theory, maximum practice

The gofastforward commit-to-it process ensures measurable application of these skills. You can measure the difference this programme makes.are

Who is it for?

Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors and any who are new to leadership and supervisor management or want a leadership skills refresh.

How is Essential Supervisor Skills Delivered?


  • A two-day group event of learning, practice and feedback with experienced Facilitators in the human factors that make the difference in safety at work .


  • A series of four, half-day modules of live and interactive facilitation via video-conference.
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Programme Overview

Essential Supervisor Skills is 2 days of practical tools and techniques for Leaders and Supervisors of teams. Ideal for those who are new to Leadership and Supervisor positions, it builds competence and competence in getting the best out of people.

Leadership is about people. Leaders achieve through the performance of others. This can be difficult for those who are used to fulfilling the task , rather than leading the people. Essential Supervisor skills will communicate, motivate and develop people to better individual performance in supportive teams .

  • Essential Supervisor from gofastforward is a distillation of more than 20 years developing management, supervisor and leadership skills
  • Tools and Techniques that are immediately applicable
  • Maximum of 10 Delegates for high personal interaction
  • Money-Back Guarantee. If a participant does not benefit from Essential Leadership we will refund the course fee!

What do our clients say?

“A course less-ordinary! ¬†Continuously engaging, great fast pace.¬† Brilliant strategies.¬† Will absolutely help me to be better”.

Andrew Plummer, Subsea7

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