Setting Goals

Motivational Ground Rules

February 4, 2020

Motivational Ground Rules Managers often complain about lack of motivation of their people. This is the first fallacy of motivation. The only people who are not motivated are no longer with us. The rest of us still with a heartbeat , we all have a motive for what we do. It’s sometimes useful to remind … Continue reading Motivational Ground Rules

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December 22, 2019

Signposting As Europe and the UK restart negotiations on Brexit, perhaps both sides will use signposting as they pick their way through complex agreements. Successful persuasion, like all aspects of negotiation, requires clarity in communication and a technique much used by skilled communicators and negotiators is Signposting.  As the name suggests, it lets the other … Continue reading Signposting

Selling Success

June 15, 2017

Selling Success! Remember who’s in charge of the sale. It’s not you. Sorry about that, but selling is no longer about getting customers to do what you want, to follow your lead––or to buy what you want to sell. The customer is in charge today and this requires listening and patience. Make the phone ring. … Continue reading Selling Success

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Customer Management in 60 Seconds

June 15, 2017

Customer Management in 60 Seconds!  A quick guide …. Know who ALL your customers are – those outside the company who buy your products and services and colleagues who help to produce or deliver them. You can’t manage the one without the co-operation of the other.   Successful managers are emotionally intelligent – knowing their … Continue reading Customer Management in 60 Seconds

Avoid Email Tyranny!

June 8, 2017

Avoid Email Tyranny! Ten Top Tips for getting the best out of your Inbox and Outbox. Ping! Turn your email client off. Pick the moment at which you’ll be interrupted.   What a fool! Never criticise anyone in email, and avoid technical debates.  Use face-to-face meetings or ‘phone calls instead.   c.c. Hell! Be judicious … Continue reading Avoid Email Tyranny!

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What’s the Plan?

March 10, 2016

Gant, PERT, WBS, Critical Path … technical planning methodologies, all have their use. This technical side of Planning has recently come in for some flak where it was likened to a ritual rain dance;  it has no effect on the weather but those who engage in it think it does. Much of the advice related … Continue reading What’s the Plan?

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