Based in Edinburgh, gofastforward helps people, teams and organisations across the globe get the best out of their talent.  In Leadership, Management and Supervision, from warehouse to workshop, from office to oilfield, we provide training courses that change behaviour, transform attitudes and build belief.

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Leading Remote Teams

Leading a team in lockdown?  Leading Remote Teams develops the leadership skills that make a difference In the new reality that we now live and work in. The outcome is personal  development of immediately applicable skills we need to lead remote teams.

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Leading Safety

Covid 19 will be a continued challenge as we return to the workplace.  The gofastforward Leading Safety programme is a global leader in developing communication skills in leadership that helps teams work safely.  In the current coronavirus pandemic this programme builds confidence and confidence in communicating the right safety messages.



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Offshore Supervisor

The leading programme for Offshore Supervisors. Practical leadership skills for immediate use on an offshore asset, vessel or terminal.  In the current pandemic, we are offering virtual  versions of the programme by videoconference. Please contact us for details.

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Delivery was fantastic and inspirational.                                                                                                         I can honestly say it is one of the best courses I’ve been on.

Subsea 7 Delegate | Offshore Supervisory Leadership programme