• We’ve been training people for years. And experience has shown us that, inside every time-challenged, de-motivated, decision-shy employee, there’s an efficient, organised, confident person just desperate to get out. Our mission is to give them the practical and personal skills they need to take them from where they are to where they really want to be. So you and your organisation start to feel the benefit. Fast. That’s why we call it gofastforward.

  • Seeing results fast motivates people. So, we make sure that everyone leaves our sessions with a skill they can use immediately – and with a plan for how they will go about using it to achieve the next step on the route to their particular goal. They can monitor and measure their progress and see results in their everyday work. It’s simple and it works.

  • We like to get under the skin of your organisation, so we work as part of your team. Once we’ve got to know how you work – and what needs to work better – we develop practical, flexible programmes that are tailor-made to make the improvements you want. Our techniques are involving, entertaining, motivating and memorable. Most importantly, they’re proven to get results.

  • Serious (not Solemn) Learning

    Our programmes are serious learning events – but not solemn. From the first to the last moment, no-one clock-watches on a gofastforward event. They are lively, engaging and positive. We quickly connect with all who attend and make sure they leave the session further forward than when they entered.

  • Group & Individual Learning

    We know that being in a group environment can multiply the learning available to each in the room (actual or virtual). That’s why our group sessions are upbeat, engaging and involving on real, practical issues. We also make sure that we address specific development issues with the individual with inspiring one-to-one Coaching.

  • We are Open!

    Our Digital Doors are open. We are ready to deliver no matter where you are. We will design and deliver – in-virtual, in-person and hybrid programmes, that deliver specifically for you. We challenge, encourage, motivate and inspire, in-person or in-virtual.

What We Do

We develop Leaders, Teams and Leadership Teams. We fast-track clever yet inexperienced graduates. We help manage culture change. We improve cross-functional communication. For over 20 years gofastforward have helped leaders, managers and teams get from from where they are to where they want to be . Fast.

Our clients choose our programmes year on year, because what we do is relevant and immediately applicable. And our programmes work.

Customised Training

All of the work that we do is designed around you – customised specifically to fit the development you require . It’s relevant and rewarding for participants and delivers extraordinary return on investment for our clients.  Our programmes deliver a measurable difference to potential and performance.

Our programmes are available live or in virtual-live format. Work anywhere, Learn anywhere with gofastforward.

Our Courses & Services

Leadership Development Programme

Our Leadership Development programme will provide leadership that is visible and accountable, making change happen, leading safety, offering the communication skills to inform, the coaching skills to develop and the Influencing skills to persuade.

Find out more about our Management & Leadership Development programme
Leadership Development Programme

Safety Leadership Programme

This programme is of equal relevance to both onshore and offshore staff, nationally and globally.

Safe behaviour in the workplace is directly related to the behaviour of Leadership and Supervisors. Day-to-day safety performance in hazardous environments is transformed by a leaders positive, confident engagement with people and teams.

Our Safety Leadership programme is for all who lead and manage risk and safe behaviour in a dynamic risk environment, from construction to chemicals to utilities. Safety Leadership blends HSEQ safety management systems with best practice safety leadership – leadership that challenges, encourages, motivates and inspires safe practice.

Find out more about our Safety Leadership course
Safety Leadership Programme

Insights Discovery Profiling

Insights Discovery helps us understand ourselves, understand others, and make the most of the relationships that affect us in the workplace.  The outcome will ensure we can have more respectful, productive and positive working relationships, even across virtual boundaries.

Find out more about how Insights profiling can help you
Insights Discovery Profiling

Delivery was fantastic and really inspirational.
I can honestly say it is one of the best courses I’ve been on.

Subsea 7 | Offshore Safety Leadership