Based in Edinburgh, gofastforward develops the performance of people and organisations.  We train, coach and consult Leadership, Management and Teams from across the globe. Virtual or in-person, our methods are inspiring, measurable and immediately applicable. From warehouse to workshop, from office to oilfield, the fast forward method builds belief, transforms attitudes and changes behaviours. 

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Leading Virtual Teams

How can Leaders challenge, motivate and inspire performance, wherever the team workplace is? As part of our Virtual series of training programmes, Virtual Leadership deals with the challenge of inspiring, challenging and motivating our teams wherever they are.

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Leading Safety

The gofastforward Leading Safety programme is a global leader in developing the leadership and the communication skills that helps teams work safely. From shop-floor to offshore, we develop confidence in leading and communicating the right safety messages.



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Team Insights

Team Insights develops understanding and relationships in teams. A stronger team unit that understands its talent  and has insights on how to get the best from each other – overcoming challenge, resolving conflict and meeting goals.

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Delivery was fantastic and inspirational.                                                                                                         I can honestly say it is one of the best courses I’ve been on.

Subsea 7 Delegate | Offshore Supervisory Leadership programme