Inclusive Teams : Dignity at Work

Understand how inclusive behaviour makes a big difference to team results and has a direct impact on productivity and performance.

What will be the outcomes?

  • An understanding of the costs and risks of bullying and harassment
  • What Dignity at Work really means….
  • ……and why it has a direct impact on productivity and performance
  • An understanding of the forms harassment take and how to recognise them
  • Recognising common bullying behaviours…..
  • …….and understanding where they come from?
  • Following policy and good practice on confronting and dealing with unacceptable behaviour
  • Managing risk to yourself and your organisation with your actions
  • Ability to facilitate an informal resolution
  • A more stable team maximising its individual strengths

Who is it for?

All who work in teams and with people.

What is it about?

Behaviours that treat all with respect and dignity create a more committed, loyal and productive workforce. Our Dignity at Work training will show how our behaviours with others make a big difference. There are legal, commercial and ethical reasons for taking this stuff seriously and we’ll touch on them. But more importantly, we’ll look at what can be done to address inappropriate behaviours and contribute to a working environment that is positive, productive and a pleasant place to be.

How is it Delivered?

The Dignity @ Work: Inclusive Teams programme is customised for each client. A highly interactive day drawing on participant with skills developed and practiced on customised recognisable scenarios.

  • A one-day group event of learning, practice and feedback with experienced Facilitators in developing a culture of inclusivity in teams.
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Programme Overview

At gofastforward, we lift Dignity at Work off policy and paper – and into behaviours and practice.

In the daily operation of a business or an organisation, most understand the importance of a team culture where people thrive and talent is realised. Where there is Dignity at Work.

In such an environment, outcomes are always positive.

Part of that positive team culture is in the dignity the team affords to all. A culture of understanding of differences, contributions and perspectives. And therein, a team that is inclusive in its behaviours and how it goes about its daily activity.

Many organisations understand this and have policy that outlines desired behaviours for the positive workplace they want to offer.

The result is inclusive teams, that are more collaborative, capable and trusting in productive relationships and more capable to build relationships with the clients and colleagues the team serves. The results are productivity with less stress and absence and greater commitment and loyalty.

This event offers increased understanding and responsibility and an awareness, clarity and practicality to productive team behaviour.

What do our clients say?

Brilliant session. Practical and immediately applicable.

Martin Poole | Business Stream,

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