How to Present Persuasively

Ten Top Tips to put you in pole position on the podium in order to present persuasively.


  • You talking to me? Know your audience – their turn off’s and turn on’s. Pander to these and make your message meaningful and memorable for them.


  • Know your stuff? Research thoroughly, think creatively and construct your messages carefully


  • Believe in your message? Convince others by being convinced yourself, persuade others by being persuaded.


  • Word perfect? Practice makes perfect. Rehearse to anyone who will listen – your cat, dog or your mirror if no-one else will…


  • Tooled up? Slides, handouts, props or music… all can enhance the impact of your message but remember these are for your audience and are not a crutch for you!


  • Looking good? Dress appropriately it will give you confidence… Unless you’re presenting to Gok Wan think ‘tidy’ rather than ‘style statement’.


  • Prepared, practiced and preened? Then visualise your success; you have every reason to feel confident before you begin.


  • Is this personal? Have a conversation with each person in the room. Lots of eye contact and personal interaction will help you to overcome nerves and reinforce your message.


  • Bored yet? Not at all… Engage everyone with some humour, stories and questions. They’ll love you for it and are far more likely to be persuaded.


  • Didn’t s/he do well? Dissect after delivery and decide what could have gone better… if anything!