Leadership Development Programme

Our Leadership Development programme will provide leadership that is visible and accountable, making change happen, leading safety, offering the communication skills to inform, the coaching skills to develop and the Influencing skills to persuade.

Programme Overview

A leadership training programme that develops and sustains leadership standards in the organisation.

Leadership is about guiding and impacting outcomes, enabling groups of people to work together to accomplish what they couldn’t do working individually. Leaders count and make a difference.

The quality of our leadership is determined by our behaviour. Our words are not enough. Leadership is something you do, not something you are. And as something you do, Leadership is learned and developed as a skill.

The gofastforward Leadership Development Programme develops a leadership that has self-awareness and an awareness of others – an understanding of people and behaviours that is the basis of lasting leadership.   The result is a team accomplishing more together than they could working individually with meaningful conversations about performance, a resilience to navigate change and productive feedback that inspires and motivates.

Content includes:

o    Self-Awareness & Insights | Seeing as others see us, Strengths & Weaknesses

o    Adapt & Connect with Insights |Engage & Influence all in your team

o    Leadership Communication | All behaviour communicates

o    The Complete Team | Focus, Flow, Process & Climate

o   Resilient Leader, Resilient Team | Leading through Change & Challenge

o   The Difficult Conversation | Making Communication Count

o   Starting from Now | Commitments to Action

One-to-One Leadership Coaching throughout the programme. 

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What will be the outcomes?

The outcomes of the gorfastforward Leadership Development Programme will be informed Leaders of the business, who are collaborative and trusting in productive relationships with those inside the team and more capable to build relationships with clients and the colleagues they lead.

The programme will provide leadership with confidence and competence to:

  •       Manage Relationships
  •       Communicate and Manage Performance and Accountability
  •       Breakthrough Silos
  •       Resolve Issues
  •       Lead Inclusivity
  •       Build Resilience and Be a Model for Change
  •       Feedback and Follow Through

Who is it for?

All who lead and manage in an organisation or business.

How is it delivered?

The Leadership development programme is series of individual and group development events.

  • A Personality Profile using Insights Discovery
  • Four Days of spaced, group learning events developing leadership skills together
  • One-to-One Coaching with each participant building individual competence and confidence
  • Commitments to Action to transfer the learning to where it counts

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