Case Studies

The following are  examples of how gofastforward participants have put their learning into practice. Read why you should choose us.

Leading Safety


Our client, a global Leader in offshore engineering projects was experiencing increases in incidents and potential incidents. An extended period of acquisitions and change after an industry downturn meant the safety landscape on its vessels and worksites was becoming transactional with less engagement and involvement.


Working with the client HSEQ Team, a programme was designed and delivered that transformed the relationship between Supervisor and Team on daily practice of safe work. Delivered to over 1500 offshore and onshore Supervisors and Leaders, across the globe.

The Outcome

The outcomes for our client and their leadership at the sharp end, included:

  • Significantly more engaged Tool Box Talks
  • Confidence in ‘Stop the Job’
  • Engagement & Compliance with Safety Procedures
  • Optimised Processes
  • Confidence in Difficult Conversations
  • Global ability to engage teams in Safety across personalities, temperaments and cultures

Culture Assessment & Reporting


A global professional body of over 20,000 members, over 150 years old, changing to better serve its corporate and professional members and lead its profession. The design and implementation of planned change, was not gaining traction.

How we worked with the client to identify development needs

The gofastforward team built a survey with recommendations on where vision, values and strategy was not being realised across the organisation and why.

How the programme was delivered

A series of interviews representing every department and level of the organisation with subsequent detailed report, assessing quality of management and communications and quick wins available to the organisation.

The outcome

A guide on why change was not happening and a road map of what needed to be done to deliver required outcomes.

Management Development Programme


An oil and gas processing site was in the middle of a significant change programme. As a remote site, the site was being asked to align its processes, practices and culture with central, corporate policy.

How we worked with the client to identify development needs and gather input to design an intervention

Pre-programme site visits, interviews and 360° profiling informed the learning need and subsequent programme design from multiple viewpoints and offered a keen understanding of culture.

How the programme was delivered

A monthly programme of group leqrning and one-to-one coaching delivered over 6 months with learning application in the workplace reviewed after each module.

The outcome

Seen and unseen Issues were identified and addressed in strategic areas of the operation. The result has been greater communication , cooperation and productivity with significant gains in efficiency.

According to our client

‘gofastforward challenged our leaders to express their concerns and assumptions; to agree actions for improvement but most importantly to demonstrably shoulder the responsibilities of leadership on site in a manner that is entirely in keeping with corporate intent. I had high expectations of this programme, I’m pleased to report that those expectations have been surpassed.’