Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution

Problems happen. It’s a sign that we are alive!

Friction in any team may be viewed as inevitable. The good news is that there is only friction where there is movement. And in this fast moving competitive market we operate in, movement is vital.

Most entrepreneurs, after all, are essentially problem solvers. More importantly, dealing with conflict and solving problems in a positive and confident frame of mind will make you feel better about yourself. Many of us engage with problems as a leisure pursuit, whether it be Sudoku or putting a ball between two sticks!

The key issue is control. Taking control of an issue or problem in a confident manner, determines the outcome. You control the issue – it does not control you. The most difficult step in problem solving and conflicts is accurately identifying the problem to be addressed. The reason it is so difficult is that problems are rarely obvious. Instead, problems generate symptoms that, usually, are very obvious and visible.

In some instances, the symptoms are so visible that we tend to lose sight of the fact that they are symptoms. If we focus our attention on symptoms alone, the base problem will not go away.

We offer sessions that will give you all the confidence and competence you need to establish the real problem, the position behind the behaviour and come up with creative, lasting solutions.  Please contact us for more information.