Safety Leadership

Our Safety Leadership training programme is for all who lead and manage risk and safe behaviour in a dynamic risk environment, from offshore to construction to chemicals to utilities.  Established and delivered across the globe, this programme is of equal relevance across all environments.  Safety Leadership will develop your ability to connect, engage and involve a team for safe work in all operations, in all weathers, 24/7.

Programme Overview

A practical leadership skills programme with a focus on safety.

From offshore safety leadership to site safety supervision, in  environments where there is risk every day, every shift,  safety requires more than compliance with safety procedures.

Safe systems of work are vital. Yet, it’s the people skills of those who lead, motivate and challenge the behaviours in a dynamic risk environment, that make the difference.  All safety procedures have behaviour attached to them.  Day-to-day safety performance in hazardous environments is transformed by a leaders positive, confident engagement with people and teams.

Our Safety Leadership training programme is for all who lead and manage risk and safe behaviour, from offshore to construction to chemicals to utilities. A practical programme  blends HSEQ safety management systems with best practice safety leadership – leadership that challenges, encourages, motivates and inspires safe practice.

  • Is everyone in the team actively engaged in safety?
  • How well do I understand my teams behaviours?
  • How connected am I to my team?
  • Are Toolbox Talks clear, genuinely engaging and with understanding confirmed (and not just a run-through followed by ‘sign here’)
  • Is it easy, in practice, to communicate upwards any safety concerns?
  • What could stop ‘Stop the Job’?

From Task Risk Assessment to Toolbox Talks, we look at how your leadership counts and how understanding of safety processes complements an understanding of people and engagement.

This programme will offer leadership communication skills and awareness in dynamic environments with an ability to engage and coach safe working practice.

Leading Safety will develop skills that deliver sustainable safe practice, will transform leadership behaviours and ability to engage and inspire safe practice.

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What will be the Outcomes?

Team Leaders and Supervisors (both offshore and onshore) will be confident in their ability to engage and influence people and behaviours in safe work and safe outcomes.

We have worked extensively on installations across the globe with offshore Supervisors and with onshore sites developing engagement with safety.  We customise our programme for our clients reflecting the environment, the culture and the safe systems of work.

Our events for both Onshore and Offshore Supervisors and Leaders typically include:

Skills Overview:

  • Communication tools for real safety engagement
  • Toolbox Talks that engage and matter – every time
  • Ability to assertively handle challenges to safety
  • Landing the safety message with all – from the keen new-start to the experienced
  • How to ensure that ‘Stop the Job’ counts
  • Awareness of self and others and what is really being communicated about safety
  • How to adapt and connect with teams and attitudes on safety
  • Meaningful feedback on safe practice

All our programmes develop an ability to adapt a safety conversation that connects, engages and changes behaviour. The activities during the training develop understanding of the root of unsafe behaviours, the part Supervisors play and the transformation they can lead in safe behaviour.

Who is it for?

All who lead and manage risk and safe practice in dynamic, hazardous environments both offshore and onshore.

How is it delivered?

The Leading Safety programme is customised for each client and is designed alongside the client’s safe systems of work. This ensures that leadership understand what the safety systems are, why they are important and, crucially, how leadership ensures that safe practice follows.

  • We get to know your safety systems and the leadership challenges of safe practice at the sharp end
  • Design transformational Safety Leadership around your safe systems of work
  • Deliver a two-day programme of live, interactive facilitation.
  • Optional One-to-One post-programme Coaching as each participant applies the skills.

What do our clients say?

Quite simply, this course should be compulsory for all Managers and Supervisors who have a responsibility for safety at work.

Donald Ross - Subsea 7

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