10 Tips on Performance Turnaround

10 Tips on Performance Turnaround

There are lots of costs and risks of failing to deal with under-performance or conduct issues.  Here are some tips on performance turnaround which may help minimize these risks.

Don’t Procrastinate 

Act Now. If you are unhappy with performance, act while it can still be turned around. No surprises. Letting it fester will only make it worse.

See its Importance

See that what you will do will tangibly benefit the individuals future. The performance improvement that comes from it could be the making of them.

Set Achievable Goals.

Stretch targets good, impossible targets bad.

Don’t Assume

You may think you know but try to suppress that with some inquisitiveness. Remember about Assume making an ASS of U and ME

 Make sure they Understand

They need to see the gap in order to validate it. Discuss the nature of the performance difference and its implications.

Make them feel Valued

Help them understand the importance of what they are doing. Explain how performance in this area can lead onto greater things

Give Continuous Support

Use every opportunity to praise what they are doing right. If you are suppportive, you can be comforted should it reach an untenable position that you did all that you could.

 Performance not the Person

Deal with the behavior not the person. Make it personal and you’re on dangerous ground. Dislocate the performance from the person and then they can work on it too.

Single not multiple behaviors.

Focus on things something can be done about. Prioritize your requests and focus on the most important.

Listen to Them

The lack of it may be their reason for not giving 100%.