Team Effectiveness

Team Effectiveness reviews what we need to achieve a high-performance outcome and strategies to consistently deliver.

Programme Overview

This event will be a review of a teams potential and performance.

This will be an opportunity for the team to take a step back and work on the team rather than in it.

Team Effectiveness will establish an understanding, as the team perceive it, of where they are, where they need to be and how they might get there.  How the team communicates, collaborates, decides, organises, resolves and builds resilience.

Awareness & Insight (Similarities & Differences, Strengths & Weaknesses)

Adapt, Connect & Engage (Working productively with all personalities in the team)

Team Effectiveness Review

  • What are we doing?
  • What should we be doing?
  • How are we doing it?
  • How are we communicating?

Team Effectiveness (Moving Forward Together)

  • Focus       Results Orientation & Shared Purpose
  • Flow         Agility & Collaboration
  • Climate   Trust & Cohesion
  • Process   Methods & Measurement

An Agenda for Change    (Planning for Action)

 Starting from Now  (Commitments to Action)

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What will be the outcomes?

 A responsibility for how the team communicates, with better ‘difficult conversations’ as well as a trust and clarity in motives and behaviours of colleagues.

  • Self-Awareness & Value to the Team
  • Whatever the strength of the individual, we accomplish more together
  • Collaboration and trust based on understanding
  • Team Intelligence – Emotional & Strategic
  • Conflict understanding and resolution

Who is it for?

All employees who work as part of a team

How will it be delivered?

Team Effectiveness will be delivered in person as a 1 day event

What do our clients say?

I found the event extremely engaging and very informative on the team styles and how we can be effective as leaders

Nicola Logan, Clyde Munro Dental

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