Talking Safety

Leadership with a safety message that engages,  informs and inspires as workplaces deal with the health and employee safety and security in a global pandemic. 

The coronavirus continues across the globe. Some have returned to the workplace, some continue to work from home and some maintain a hybrid of both.  As organisations endeavour to keep the workplace and its practices safe – how will Managers and Supervisors cope with managing functions and leading safety?

Safety Conversations that influence behaviours will make the difference.  New practices will need to be communicated and maintained by leaders and managers such that all work safe and all feel safe. The anxiety that there has been in many has been kept under control as they furloughed or worked in their lockdown home offices. That anxiety will return as they set foot on a renewed commute into a workplace that may be somewhat different in its practices and attitudes.

The gofastforward team have worked in safety leadership across the globe and real safety excellence requires a daily commitment to  being alert, recognising risk and constructive conversation.  In doing so, we build a confidence in people and teams.

How will people respond in the workplace when their ‘space’ is invaded by another? What conflicts will arise when the Laissez Faire person meets the Anxious colleague? How will new safety measures effect Teamwork?

Leaders will have to rise up to this new safety challenge.

Leading Safety, our transformational Safety Leadership course for Managers and Supervisors will address the fundamental challenges for leaders in maintaining a safe environment and practice during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

* Practical people skills for Leaders in safety engagement and communication.
* Develop ability to maintain safe working practices in teams
* Understand why a safety message is not being heard and what to do about it
* Communication tools for real safety engagement
* How to give meaningful feedback to team members on safe practice

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Who is it for?

All Leadership who have a responsibility for maintaining a safe environment in their teams. The communication skills in Talking Safety are applicable across all workplaces and industries where safe practice is fundamental – whether office or workshop.


A half-day programme delivered by experienced Facilitators in Leadership and Safety  that is  interactive and draws on participants experience. Practice on recognisable scenarios designed around client environment.

  • Awareness  : All behaviour communicates. Being aware of how my attitude and behaviour to safety is viewed, according to all who experience it. How my behaviour is influencing others.  Understanding their behaviour (and why it might not be ‘right’ behaviour.
  • Adapt, Connect & Engage with Productive Conversations : How am I engaging everyone? How am I engaging the person in front of me?  How am I listening and saying what needs to be said? 
  • Feedback & Coach  : How am I supporting and sustaining safety in a way that transforms the safety message with this person and maintains safety?  Even when I’m not there? 

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