How to Get That Job!

Looking for a job can sometimes feel like a daunting and stressful process.  If you are looking for a job, here are some tips which may make the search a little easier.

Who are you and what have you got going for you?

We know your CV will be an effective document if it summarises your skills and achievements rather than giving a chronological account of your education and job roles.

Why do you need me?

A great covering letter can succinctly highlight how you more than satisfy the stated and unstated requirements of a position.

What are Stated requirements?

The essential and preferred skills and experience a potential employer outlines in the advertisement and/or role description

So what are Unstated requirements?

The skills and experience valued and rewarded by the organisation as described in corporate literature and on its website.   You’ll need to search these out.

Hurray! Got an interview?

Or a hideous series of selection hoops to jump through? Congratulations! Your CV and letter have done their job… So now ask for as much information as possible and prepare, prepare, prepare…

Are you able?

Employers want to be convinced that you have the ability to do the job and they may use ability testing for this (no surprise there).  However, they could just rely on you giving some great examples of how you’ve used your skills and experience successfully in the past.

Are you willing?

So you can do the job – they know that now… but will you stay late at short notice? Go the extra mile if that’s what a client or customer expects? Help other teams when yours is sitting pretty? Reassure them, again with great examples, that you are dedicated and motivated.

Clanger anyone?

Employers will also be looking for ‘cultural fit’ and this is where the able and willing applicant can trip up. Check out the values of the organisation and the ways it does business. Do they sound good to you? If ‘yes’ – you’re on to a winner. If ‘no’ be careful what you say. Dropping a clanger here could cost you your chances of getting the post. (In an ideal world we wouldn’t apply to work for businesses that don’t align with our values but the world isn’t always ideal…)

 What are the benefits?

Negotiate from a position of strength. Sorry if this is a bit obvious but people will still insist on asking for an improved offer of pay and conditions before they’ve been made any offer at all!

 How did I do?

Always ask for feedback… Lots of people still don’t. If you didn’t get the job put those potential employers on the spot and get them to justify their misguided decision! If you did get it ask and bask…