Avoid Email Tyranny!

Avoid Email Tyranny!

Ten Top Tips for getting the best out of your Inbox and Outbox.

  1. Ping! Turn your email client off. Pick the moment at which you’ll be interrupted.


  1. What a fool! Never criticise anyone in email, and avoid technical debates.  Use face-to-face meetings or ‘phone calls instead.


  1. c.c. Hell! Be judicious in who you send email to….. and who you copy. Justify why you should tell someone about this (and if it’s to cover your backside – think again.)


  1. If you must copy people – make sure that it’s for information only. No actions in a c.c.


  1. Observe some formality – this is business.


  1. If it’s truly Urgent and Important – why are you emailing? Hit that phone!


  1. Hesitate Review and revise important emails.  Those few moments of review (and deep breathing to reduce a fevered response) could make all the difference.


  1. It’s out there. Remember that email is a public and permanent record. How would this look on News at Ten?


  1. First, plan your daythen check your email.


  1. Work your Inbox – Do, Delegate, Defer or Dump – and then get on with your real job!