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Transformational Safety Leadership Training for all across your organisation

Safety Leadership Training that will transform the safety message for all across your organisation.  Our Leading Safety training programme is for all, whether on facility, vessel or ROV.

This event will support the development of safety training and can be delivered across your business. Leadership practice in safety processes will be aligned with recognisable practice up and down your organisation. Fundamental understanding of key safety processes is matched with an understanding of people and engagement . This programme will maintain leadership communication and awareness and an ability to adapt, connect and coach safe working. Your Leadership team will clearly connect and engage with all across all safety processes.

The outcome will be Leadership practice across your organisation consistent in transforming engagement in safety. Complimentary leadership skills delivering sustainable practice – from the Supervisor in the centre of operation to the Senior Executive as supporter, provider and role model. All will operate from the same reference in their leadership.

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Leadership Skills Overview

  • Intensive learning in practical skills for Leaders in safety engagement
  • Awareness of self and others and what is already being communicated about safety
  • How to adapt and connect for engagement
  • Communication tools for real safety engagement
  • Meaningful feedback on safe practice


A highly interactive day drawing on participants communication and experience.  Recognisable scenarios are practiced and participant specific feedback with personal commitments is obtained to action on Leading Safety.


All behaviour communicates.  How is my attitude and behaviour to safety according to all who experience it?  Is it right attitude and behaviour?

Adapt, Connect & Engage with Productive Conversations

How am I engaging everyone?  How am I engaging the person on front of me?  How and I listening and saying what needs to be said?


How am I supporting and sustaining transformational safety with this person?  Even when I’m not there?



What do our clients say?

Fantastic!  Far above my expectation!

Transformational Safety Leadership delegate