Successful Sales Skills

Two days that develop breakthrough sales performance and personal influence.  Inspirational, practical and immediately applicable.



Successful Sales Skills is about how to successfully sell the right value , to the right client, in the right way.

People buy people, before they buy product. No matter what is being sold  , the key to understanding a buyers needs and persuasively influencing them is to be interested in the them, first.  If a benefit is only a benefit when it meets a need, why do we talk about benefits before we’ve got to know the buyer?

Successful Sales Skills uses Insights profiling to give each participant a practical and immediately useable understanding of self and of their clients. The profile shows each participant how to maximise their individual selling strengths to adapt, connect and influence a buyer.

Successful Sales Skills is a powerful programme which illustrates how a professional approach to selling goes beyond selling products and services to genuine influencing and persuading in a relationship. This builds a long-lasting consultative relationship with your clients who understand that you ‘get them’.  In other words – no ‘foot in the door’ stuff – understand your prospective client, know how to present value and secure and maintain their custom.

In Successful Sales Skills each participant receives an Insights Personal Profile, to understand how they sell and how their clients buy. The programme has a high level of interaction and group discussion. Real scenarios are used to practice skills with personal feedback and action plans.

Who is it for?

Account Managers , Business Development Managers, Sales Managers, Sales Executives

What will be the outcomes?

The programme is designed specifically for each client. Outcomes include:

  • A personal Insights Selling Profile on each participant
  • A trusted buyer relationship
  • An Understanding of buyer needs…
  • ….and how to develop buyer benefit
  • Understand who you’re selling to…
  • …and how they buy.
  • Understand their Buying Cycle….and align with your Selling Cycle
  • How to handle Objections
  • Managing the Sales Call, Leading the Sales Process
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Successful Sales Skills | 2 Day Programme

Day #1

  • Personal Plans & Selling Success Defined |  Introductions, objectives and preview
  • Who’s Buying?  | Introduction to the personality profiles that we sell to – and how they relate to you
  • Who’s Selling? | Your Personality Type and what that means to the Buyer
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You | Adapt and Connect with each Buyer
  • The Buying Motivation | Understanding the client, determining the proposition

Lunch #1

  • The Buying Cycle | How prospective clients buy
  • The Selling Cycle | How to sell to clients that buy
  • Powerful Benefits  | How to determine real benefits that sell
  • The Sales Call | Managing the ideal sales meeting
  • Real Needs Analysis | Great Questions , Effective Listening and identifying key buying motivators

Day #2

  • Red Flags | Understand and counter the possible obstacles to your sale
  • Proposing the Solution | Influential proposals that fit every buyer type
  • Handling Objections |  The objections that lose the sale and how to handle them
  • Selling to the Close | Bringing their benefits to life

Lunch #2

  • After the Sale  | The key process that builds buyer confidence and wins referrals
  • Putting it all Together | Practicing the solutions and embedding the process for Selling Success. Each participant experience their own sales scenarios with Selling Success and learning from others sales scenarios – acting as Consultant and Student.
  • Your Personal Sales Plan  |  Putting the learning into immediate selling action with a personal plan that starts tomorrow.
  • Personal Review & Commit-to-It


What do our clients say?

Excellent. Would thoroughly recommend this to any sales team. Lots of great information critical to successful sales.

Alan Gerrard | Red Spider

Inspiring, thought provoking and highly motivating!

Clare Fannon| Centek

Very beneficial and enjoyable event with high participation levels and a simple yet effective structure. I will not be recommending to our competitors!!

Padraic O'Brien | Actavis

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