Team Insights

Know yourself. Know your team. Get the best from both.


Programme Overview : Team Insights

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we are able to offer our Insights programme in a virtual format.   This comprises Working in a Virtual Team as well as a virtual introduction to Insights Discovery.   Each module consists of a two hour virtual event using a virtual conferencing tool.  Learners will be guided through the content and conversations by a skilled facilitator.

With our Team Insights course, a good team is a great place to be, exciting, stimulating, supportive – successful. A bad team drags individuals down to the lowest common denominator.

We need teams. The assistance of others in creating more than the sum of the parts and doing so in a productive, supportive , fulfilling environment.  We can make great teams – but first we need to understand the people that make great teams.  And how to get the best out of a collection of individuals when brought together as a group.

This one day event will give you a deeper understanding of the people in your team and in turn know how to get the best out of them as you all work together towards achievement.

Most of us have experienced the natural high that comes from team effort bringing achievement and reward. This event illustrates how we can consistently ensure that together everyone achieves more.

  • Insights Personal Profiles of all Team Members
  • Understanding of Individual and Team Strengths
  • …..and strategies for getting the best of them
  • Understanding of how to relate, adapt and connect to all in the team
  • Strategies for conflict and difficult conversations
  • How to renew a Team

Who is it for?

All teams who seek to develop understanding of how to get the best out of each other

What is it about?

Understanding, Adapting & Connecting Productively across a Team

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What will be the outcomes?

The programme is designed specifically for each client.  From an understanding of where the team is and where it needs to be , we will build a programme that delivers.

Typically outcomes include:

  • Agreement on how the team will serve its customers – from behaviours to deliverables
  • Full Insights Personality Profile for each team member
  • An understanding of individual behaviours across the team…
  • ….and how to respond for productive outcome
  • Understanding of how to adapt and connect with those that are ‘different’ to you
  • Agreeing Productive Strategies across the team – from problem solving to creativity
  • Understanding how to team build , from Forming to Performing and how each can contribute
  • All members of the team motivated
  • Clarity of purpose……and agreed methods to get there
  • Understanding of team roles and expectations
  • Respect for difference….………with a common purpose
  • Commitment to Action by the Team and Individuals with the gofastforward commit-to-it.



What do our clients say?

Very interesting, informative and stimulating course.  Will be very helpful for my interaction with others and my own self-awareness.

Yaniv Melitz |BP

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