Management Training

Our highly successful management training programme running throughout Scotland. This in-house training programme will develop motivated, confident and competent Managers and Leaders providing them with the key skills for immediately effective management and leadership.


Our highly successful Management Development Programme will build and develop highly capable Managers and confident Leaders providing them with the key skills for immediately effective management and leadership.  The programme will provide your team with methods and tools that will be used immediately and continue to be used in their career.

Our management training is fast, effective and popular. And because it’s  inhouse, it’s  specifically relevant to your business and the  people in it.  So, the tools and techniques covered are learned and developed  on your issues.

Our Management Development Programme is designed specifically for each client and we run programmes throughout Scotland including Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow.

The performance of people and their managers and leaders needs to be the best it’s ever been. That’s why we’ve structured our management development programme for immediately applicable skills  with a flexibility to fit your needs and the tightest of schedules.

A series of Workshops and one to one Coaching to get Leadership and Management teams from where they are to where they want to be – fast.

What’s the outcome? Leaders and Managers confident and capable in the key skills required for the successful Leadership and Management of people – typically within 6 months. And managers with consistent, productive habits and a mindset for success.

When your people participate in fastforward sessions they will understand how to:

  • Establish & Reach Goals | How to plan and prioritise to meet your objectives
  • Develop & Coach | You turn potential into productive performance
  • Manage Performance | You adapt and connect with all personality styles
  • Effective  Communication | You adapt and connect with all personality styles
  • Conflict & Problem Resolution | You handle issues before damage is done
  • Persuasive Presentations |  You  influence and persuade with your Leadership

This programme is ideal for all new managers, existing managers and functional or team leads and runs in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow and throughout Scotland.

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Our management programme is designed specifically for each client.

Typically the learning events include:

Think TEAMWORK…Not Team! Work!

  • The life of a team
  • Creating the ‘Rules of the Road’
  • Managing the  Differences

Thrive on Change

  • Dig the well before you get thirsty!
  • Overcoming resistance
  • Making it stick

Get your Priorities Right!

  • Keeping the main thing… the main thing
  • Delegate…..or get home late!
  • Handling interruptions

Successful Relationship Management

  • Managing expectations
  • Creating a ‘customer’ culture
  • Negotiating win/wins

Confident Communication

  • The feedback loop
  • All Behaviour Communicates
  • Productive meetings

Effective Leadership

  • Manager or Leader?
  • Who are you leading?
  • The most useful phrase…

Resolve Conflict

  • Managing Anger
  • Concessions, compromise and “cop-outs”
  • Moving forward on agreement

All programmes include individual objectives-based Coaching throughout using the gofastforward commit-to-it process, for maximum programme gain and personal development.

What do our clients say?

I have benefited massively from this programme. More able , more confident.  I can adapt my behaviour as the situation dictates and that makes a difference.

Marc Gerrard | EnerMech