Leadership Training

Leadership Skills Training Courses in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and throughout the rest of Scotland.  Develop your team and build real leadership in your organisation with our Leadership training programme.  

Build real leadership in your organisation with our highly acclaimed Leadership training programme.

Our two day Leadership Skills training course is an inspirational programme of practical leadership skills.  Whether you are a new leader, frontline leader, team leader or supervisor, this course is designed for you and will provide you with practical tools and techniques to motivate, inspire and lead.

Our Leadership Skills course is the result of over 20 years developing Managers and Supervisors in practical leadership skills. Our programme is designed to develop the confidence and competence of  Leaders enabling them to fulfill their leadership role on a daily basis.  We also provide an understanding of how to adapt, connect and lead the whole team and the different personalities which make up a team.

What’s the outcome of the gofastforward Leadership skills course?

  • Leaders  understand how to develop high performance people and teams
  • Leaders know when to be a Manager
  • Leaders will have a clear view of where they are – and where they need to be
  • Leaders will devote and plan daily time to doing their job – of challenging, encouraging, and developing their people to deliver results
  • Leaders will have a higher quality of interaction with their teams
  • Leaders will be more confident and competent in addressing low performance issues
  • They will lead a motivated team – delivering better results, in a better environment.

Our Leadership Skills course runs in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and throughout the rest of Scotland and is delivered inhouse and via open programmes.

For more information on how we can help you, please call us on 0800 01 88 007 or email us on hello@gofastforward.co.uk

Leadership Skills Content


Day #1

  • Introductions and individual objectives for the course
  • Discussion to understand the role of a manager and a leader
  • Key traits of successful Leaders
  • Leader or Manager – What’s the difference?
  • Understand the four management styles and when to use them
  • Leadership means understanding Followers. Who exactly are you managing and leading?
  • Understanding your team – why people do what they do
  • Understand and use the four typical reactions to having to make a decision and the impact of each of these reactions
  • Delegate or Get Home Late | Identify the benefits of effective delegation and the barriers to delegating effectively
  • Who Are you Talking to? | Adapt & Connect with people for powerful communication


Day #2

  • Knowing Me, Knowing You | Adapt and Connect for productive relationships
  • Personal strategies to adapt and connect your leadership with your team
  • Feel , See, Think , Do | Delivering gofastforward motivational and developmental feedback
  • ‘Real play’ session | Practiced, practical solutions to solve your workplace issue
  • Personal Feedback, Review & Commit-to-It

What do our clients say?

A course less ordinary.  Continuously engaging, great fast pace.  Brilliant strategies.  Will absolutely help me to be better

Andrew Plummer, Subsea7