We structure our programmes to be long enough to get to the root of the real issue and short enough to ensure that business as usual is maintained.

We start by listening. We take the time to get to know you – as individuals and as an organisation. When you’ve been doing this as long as we have, it doesn’t take long to recognise what troubles an individual or makes them tick.

Once we’ve got to know how you work – and what needs to work better – we develop practical, flexible training programmes that are tailor-made to make the improvements you want. Whether a high-flyer looking to go to the next level or one of the de-motivated, time-poor and decision-shy  –  we challenge, encourage, motivate and inspire participants to be the kind of Leader, Managers and Team Player they always knew they could be.

gofastforward are ‘Critical Friends with a Toolkit’ offering honest conversations, real practice, and constructive feedback on the practical skills that matter and that count on a daily basis.

To leave a desk and attend a training programme is no casual commitment and our programmes are not for the casual participant. Don’t expect a dizzying array of Powerpoint slides or monotonous run-through of training notes. Participants experience the high intensity of real development with gofastforward Facilitation.

All our sessions are structured around Learn | Practice | Deliver.

Learn | Know it. We give participants a clear understanding of tools and techniques.
Practice | Do it. Practice. With real, honest empowering feedback from gofastforward.
Deliver | Apply it. Recorded and measurable commitment to apply the skills using the gofastforward commit-to-it process.

Finally, we follow-up on the session to sustain the development.

Seeing results fast motivates people. So, we make sure that everyone leaves our
sessions with a skill they can use immediately – and with a commitment to achieve
the next step on the route to their particular goal. They can monitor and measure their
progress and see results in their everyday work.

Our techniques are involving, entertaining, motivating and memorable.
Most importantly, they’re proven to get results.