Resilient Leadership of Teams

Resilient Leadership. During reorganisation in a difficult economy, the resilient leader gets the best out of people in less than the best of times. Read more

Active Listening!

Active Listening! Active Listening is one of the key skills of Encoding and combines with feedback to maintain that all-important Communication loop. Read more


Signposting. Successful persuasion, like all aspects of negotiation, requires clarity in communication and a technique much used by skilled communicators and negotiators is Signposting.  Read more
Graph indicating elevated performance

Selling Success

Selling Success! Selling isn’t about learning clever sales techniques, its to do with recognizing what’s happening with customers and helping them become successful. Read more
Man getting in the door

How to Get That Job!

Looking for a job can sometimes feel like a daunting and stressful process. If you are looking for a job, here are some tips which may make the search a little easier. Read more

The Role of Line Managers

Line managers have a crucial role to play in people development and are vital in helping a member of their team transition the learning from... Read more