Leading Virtual Teams Course

Group Learning & Personal Coaching on Leadership Communication Fundamentals. This virtual training and development maintains the skills we need to lead in challenging times and reduce the challenge of distance within teams.

This course is run both In Class and Virtual.

What will be the outcomes?

  • Leadership Communication that adapts to a Virtual Environment
  • Maintaining Trust and Rapport with a remote team
  • Virtual Team Listening (that reads between the lines)
  • Leading successful Online Meetings
  • Communicating and Managing Expectations

Who is it for?

All those who have to challenge, encourage, motivate and inspire people and remote teams during the current global pandemic.

How is it delivered?

  • Group Learning followed by One-to-One gofastforward Coaching:
    • 90 minutes of online learning on the communication skills of virtual leadership
    • 60 minutes of one-to-one Coaching
  • Groups of 5 participants for personal interaction and development
  •  Focused Learning on maximising the leadership of remote teams
  • Real personal development for each participant in less than 3 hours




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Programme Overview

As more and more of our interactions happen digitally, we will continue to experience new forms of miscommunication and misunderstanding. The solution will not come from new technologies. Instead, the solution is in our understanding of the new rules of engagement; in building a communication skill set that reflects the demands of this digitally-driven age.

The current global pandemic has changed much in our world, including the way we work. Leading virtual teams is now fundamental to an organisation navigating its way through the current crisis.

Remote communication isn’t easy. This crisis has presented us with 3 kinds of distance in teams – physical, operational and relationship. There is little that leaders can do about the distance between us physically and operationally. There is much that Leaders can do to reduce virtual distance that impacts affinity, rapport and relationships across teams.

Never has the tone or text or formality of a communication been so starkly in profile as now. And the anxiety that already exists is increased which further undermines the productivity and effectiveness available to our teams in their home environment.

Leadership Communication that supports, encourages and develops, is now vital to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of teams who now have to work remotely. This programme maintains the skills we need to reduce the challenge of virtual distance between people and lead in challenging times.

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