Team Leaders: Returning to Work after Covid Course

Leading Teams after Lockdown. Teams are now returning from lockdown and are being asked to come back into the workplace. How to rebound after furlough, home and hybrid working.


The lockdowns experienced by teams ‘felt like the Kübler-Ross stages of grief – on repeat’ said one. Another was concerned that on their return to the office, they might be found out, as they struggle to be motivated in, well anything really. ‘Everything is shrouded in a kind of fog’. Others are ready to bounce back, tigger-like, into the office. A recent workforce survey by a large insurer established that many describe their mood in these words: “Malaise, burnout, depression and stress.

These people and their wide ranging mindsets are now coming back into their teams in the workplace.

This is a programme that brings all our teams back together, the introverts , the extroverts, the analysts, the drivers and all others as they navigated their own personal lockdown away from the gaze of the team.

This session works on rebuilding relationships, renewing those that once thrived and resetting those that had gone awry well before lockdown.

A checklist of key issues for leaders to address

  • Re-entry. How we bring the team back into the building and the business
  • Check-In. Getting to know people again. Personality and emotion beyond the high definition Monitors.
  • Team member wellbeing – seeing the signs that coming back isn’t easy and what to do about it
  • Ongoing Support. Check-in isn’t enough. Setting a plan for the team and the individual.
  • Ask questions, give feedback and listen. What’s the message?
  • Place a renewed emphasis on Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation and Commitment
  • Support development. Helping them make sense of the past 12 months is developmental
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What will be the Outcomes?

This programme will reconnect Leadership with their teams as they emerge from the Lockdown. Understanding the mindsets that each in their teams might have to the return and addressing the challenges that might represent while renewing the ability to engage, motivate and inspire the returning team.


  • Understanding the 5 typical mindsets the Team Leader will encounter from their team
  • Communication tools for real engagement with all
  • Awareness of self and others and what the Leader is really communicating
  • How to gather the team around a new team vision
  • Meaningful, Motivational in-person feedback
  • Resolving new team conflicts
  • Renewing Team Focus
  • Building post-Furlough productivity and effectiveness

The programme will develop a leaders understanding of behaviours and the response that each requires as they build connections and cooperation across their team. The skills developed will take a team beyond a simple return to a rebound to better.

Who is it for?

All who lead and manage teams as they return to the workplace from homeworking, furlough or both.

How is it Delivered?

The current delivery platform for this programme is virtual.

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