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From forming to performing – together

From forming to performing – together.

Bringing different individuals together and calling them ‘team’ – does not make a team. How can we build a group that maximises the contribution of individual skills for the collective good? Teams harness individual capability into team performance.

Your team. What kind of team are they? A team of individuals going in different or directions …..a team in name? Or a group of individuals who collectively contribute more than the sum of the individuals? Physically, you cannot do everything by yourself and we need the assistance of others in helping us get to where we want to be. Just as we can help them.

A good team is a great place to be, exciting, stimulating, supportive – successful. A bad team drags individuals down to the lowest common denominator.

We can make great teams – we need to first understand people and how to get the best out of a collection of individuals that is more than the sum of its parts.