Pharmaceutical Sales Course

From Pre-Planning to Call Performance to Post-Call, this programme addresses the critical factors that make a difference in a sale and in account management.

This course is run both In Class and Virtual.

What will be the outcomes?

Insights on Pharmaceutical Sales will build a practical understanding of influencing, persuading and selling using Insights. It will develop an ability to adapt and connect with a prospect and understand the benefit that they really seek.

This programme delivered inhouse to our clients, reflects the client culture and professionalism, developing and maintaining confidence and competence in Value Selling based on the right benefits to the right buyer.

Who is it for?

This is a programme for all those who look for best practice in the fast moving , competitive environment of Pharma Sales.

Suitable for the senior sales executive and the early career sales professional and account manager.

How will it be delivered?

Prospect & Client Awareness | Making it Personal

Insights on Relationship Management | Adapting, Connecting, Influencing

The Buying Cycle |How do they like to Buy?

What they Buy | Needs Analysis & The powerful benefit

Selling Style | Personal Awareness & getting the best from your selling style?

The 5 stages of Selling with Insight |From pre-call to follow-through

Commit to a Personal Insights Sales Plan | with the gofastforward commit-to-it.

We will practice throughout. Knowing is not enough. Programme success is in what participants can do, not what they know. So, gofastforward Facilitators will use typical sales scenarios to allow participants to safely try out the skills in ‘real play’ and use the event to practice with peer and facilitator feedback.

Then participants will deliver, using the gofastforward Commit-to-It process to record and monitor skills to transfer into activity with prospects and clients. These commitments will be recorded and shared such that there is a network of support to sustain the development and deliver outcomes that lead to increased quantity and quality of sales.

Participants will have ongoing access to a personal learning page with all materials including their personal profile.


  • A two-day group event of learning, practice and feedback with experienced Facilitators in the human factors that make the difference in safety at work .


  • A series of four, half-day modules of live and interactive facilitation via video-conference.

Both options includes 60 minutes of pre and post-programme Coaching for each participant in applying the Successful Selling skills.

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Programme Overview

What does it take to be a world-class Pharmaceutical Sales Professional?

The gofastforward Insights on Pharmaceutical Sales is a programme developed to make a difference in a sector that is fast-moving and highly competitive.

From Pre-Planning to Call Performance to Post-Call, the programme addresses the critical factors that make a difference in a sale and in account management.

The best in Pharmaceutical Sales have a keen sense of their selling styles and how to best apply it.

Insights on Pharmaceutical Sales is a proven programme of selling success based on self-awareness of selling styles with a full personal profile and an understanding of who is buying. This full profile offers an understanding of strengths and weaknesses and preferred sales methods

We work with the participants on how they get the best from each call using productive questioning and needs analysis. Furthermore, we profile participants for an understanding of how each prefers to sell and their individual strengths and weaknesses and how your clients prefer to buy. This awareness is the backdrop of the methods and tools we discover that will make a considerable difference to your sales and account management. You will raise Client Relationships up the ladder of adoption as you invest further in your trusted relationship with them and the quality of your products. Upselling and raising you share of the client wallet as you build mutually beneficial relationships across the client base and in turn share extremely valuable data on CRM.

  • We will spend time understanding more about the business, the product and your buyer
  • As accredited Insights practitioners, we will review the personal and sales profiles of each participant. This will give us an understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses, preferred social styles and sales preference indicators.
  • A pre-workshop Coaching Call with each participant will build on this individual understanding and the Facilitator will use this forum to begin to explore some of the themes apparent in the Personal & Sales profile prior to attending the learning event. This will give us valuable understanding ahead of the workshop of specific outcomes required for each participant.
  • The subsequent two-day workshop will be dual facilitated with a maximum of 10 participants for best balance of individual interaction and peer learning. The experienced gofastforward Facilitators will use the process of Learn | Practice | Deliver.

This programme is an extremely effective way to begin or refresh a campaign.

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