Offshore Safety Leadership Course

Working Offshore is hazardous. Basic compliance is not enough. Offshore Safety Leadership will develop your ability to connect, engage and involve a team for safe work in all operations, in all weathers, 24/7.

Programme Overview

With winds sometimes at over 50 knots and a swell of 25m – Offshore work can be harsh and offshore operations hazardous.  Compliance with safety procedures  is key in an environment where there is risk every day, every shift.

Yet safety incidents and accidents still occur in environments audited as being compliant.

Safe systems of work are vital.  Yet, it’s the people skills of those who lead, motivate and challenge the behaviours that are behind the safe procedures, that make the difference.  All safety procedures have behaviour attached to them.

It has long been established that many incidents and accidents could have been avoided had better people skills been available. The skills to connect and engage  with people and using that connection for safety.

The challenge, as we have seen with our clients across the globe, is how you get your teams to not just know safety practice but to actively engage with safety – day in, day out. In all conditions. in all weathers. With every type of operation.

Offshore Safety Leadership blends knowledge of safe process with the skill of understanding how to motivate every one of your people in your team to behave safely – both individually and for each other. And it all starts with the leader, the supervisor, ‘the gaffer’.

Our Offshore Safety Leadership training programme is for all who lead and manage risk and safe behaviour – from vessel to subsea to installation.

Leading Safety complements safety management systems with best practice safety leadership – that challenges, encourages , motivates and inspires safe practice.

  • Are Toolbox Talks clear, genuinely engaging and with understanding confirmed (and not just a run-through followed by ‘sign here’)
  • Is safety as imagined, safety as practiced?
  • Do all really believe they can ‘Stop the Job’ anytime, with anyone?

The safety processes that you have are nothing without engagement. This programme develops Supervisor and Leaders who engage teams in safety, in every operation, every weather, every shift.



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What will be the Outcomes?

Offshore Supervisors and Leaders will be confident in their ability to engage and influence people and behaviours in safe work and safe outcomes.

Skills Overview:

  • Communication tools for real safety engagement offshore
  • Toolbox Talks that engage and matter – every time
  • Ability to assertively handle challenges to safety
  • Landing the safety message with all – from the keen new to the grizzled experienced
  • How to ensure that ‘Stop the Job’ counts
  • Awareness of self and others and what is really being communicated about safety
  • How to adapt and connect with teams and attitudes on safety
  • Meaningful feedback on safe practice

All our programmes develop an ability to adapt a safety conversation that connects, engages and changes behaviour. The activities during the training develop understanding of unsafe behaviours into transforming behaviour.

Who is it for?

All who supervise and lead in an offshore environment.

How is it Delivered?

Offshore Safety Leadership is customised for each client and is designed alongside the client’s safe systems of work. This ensures that leadership understand what the safety systems are, why they are important and crucially, how leadership ensures that safe practice follows.

  • We get to know your safety systems and the leadership challenges of safe practice at the sharp end
  • Design transformational Safety Leadership around your safe systems of work
  • Deliver a series of four, half-day modules of live , interactive facilitation via video-conference OR two days in-house.
  • One-to-One post-programme Coaching for each participant in applying the skills.

What do our clients say?

gofastforward helped us define and deliver supervisors leadership skills that dealt with reality on a vessel – practical methods to confidently get the best out of people and performance.  OSL exceeded our goals and also gave a platform for our Supervisors to continue their career development in the company.

Bob Bryce | Operations Director | Subsea 7

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