Resilience for Teams

Increase team resilience, not just in these challenging times but for the future. A successfully resilient team will not only bounce back but emerge stronger as people and as teams.  This programme is delivered virtually.

This course is run both In Class and Virtual.

What will be the Outcomes?

  • Identify when and why resilience is necessary…
  • Understand people’s reaction to adversity and change…
  • Recognise the signs that it’s not working, the games people play and constructive team responses to these…
  • Team understanding of individual strengths and weakness…
  • …and support routines to get the best from each individual

Who is it For?

All Teams who operate in a challenging environment, where circumstances beyond their control test their ability to continue to serve. Teams who may need to get more from less , after a downturn.

How is it Delivered

Resilience for Teams is delivered on our Virtual format.

A one day event that begins with a  90 minute live facilitated Team Resilience Workshop via video-conference  followed by one-to-one Resilience Coaching for each participant .  All content and material from Team Resilience available online.

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Programme Overview

Team Bounce-Back.

We live in challenging times.  How do we maintain performance without draining reserves? How do we bounce back from adversity – when adversity continues?

This programme increases team resilience, not just for now but for the future.

Whilst we cannot avoid challenges, we can equip ourselves to handle them.

This gofastforward programme has 3 Pillars of Resilience:

Team Routines | Resilient Teams that have method , met with challenge they respond with routine. Challenge becomes routine.

Team Support | Resilient teams create and nurture a support network that benefits supporter and supported. A team that is solid, that withstands.

Team Confidence | build on the strengths of team members and understand and  mitigate weakness. The team that learns for itself.

These gofastforward Resilience Pillars that help your teams pivot from challenge to challenge, each time emerging stronger.

Resilience acts like a shield, protecting the team from the potential negative effects of shared pressure and disruptions the team may face. It enables them to improvise, adapt and recover in challenging times.  But, team resilience is much more than weathering or surviving a storm and coming out all battered, bruised and broken.  More than to survive – this is to strive.  To be a truly resilient, high performing team, they must sustain and  improve their performance and come out the other side better than their entry into it.




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