Management & Leadership Development Programme

The gofastforward Management Development Programme provides you with key skills that you will be able to put into practice immediately.  Our training course allows you to develop abilities that you can keep using throughout your entire management career.

This course is run both In Class and Virtual.

What are the outcomes?

A comprehensive understanding and capability in the  key skills of management and leadership – from running a productive meeting to coaching an under-performer to preparing a presentation. Management Development that builds confidence and competence.

  • Establish & Reach Goals | Plan and prioritise to meet your objectives
  • Develop & Coach | Turn potential into productive performance
  • Manage Performance | Guide your team towards success
  • Effective  Communication | Adapt and connect with all personality styles
  • Conflict & Problem Resolution | Handle issues before damage is done
  • Persuasive Presentations |  Influence and persuade with your leadership

Who is it for?

  • New managers who need to develop people skills to complement technical skills.
  • Existing Managers in the centre of the business who may have had some previous training and would welcome a reset and refresh of skills.
  • Functional or Team Leaders across an organisation who need to build people skills and cross-organisation teamwork.

How is it delivered?

Our Facilitators are the best in the business. The Management Development Programme Facilitators build trusting relationships that make each participants learning personal and impactful.

  • Customised and in-house for each client , with content that reflects their specific organisation challenges, objectives and values.
  • Personality & Psychometric Profile to understand oneself and co-workers.
  • Unique Commit-to-it process records, supports and measures skills transfer to the workplace.
  • Group Learning and one-to-one coaching for maximum personal development.

Similar to all gofastforward learning , delivery can be Virtual or In-Class:


  • A series of one-day group events of learning, practice and feedback in techniques and tools of management and leadership with lively and knowledgeable facilitation.


  • A series of 90 minute to 3 hours modules of live facilitation, interactive and stimulating on management and leadership learning , wherever you are.

All programmes include individual objectives-based Coaching throughout using the gofastforward commit-to-it process, for maximum programme gain and personal development.

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Programme Overview:

The programme is designed specifically for each client.

Typically the learning events include:


  • The life of a team
  • Creating the ‘Rules of the Road’
  • Managing the  Differences

Thrive on Change

  • ‘Dig the well before you get thirsty!’
  • Overcoming resistance
  • Making it stick

Get your Priorities Right!

  • Keeping the main thing… the main thing
  • Delegate…..or get home late!
  • Handling interruptions

Successful Relationship Management

  • Managing expectations
  • Creating a ‘customer’ culture
  • Negotiating win/wins

Confident Communication

  • The feedback loop
  • All Behaviour Communicates
  • Productive meetings

Effective Leadership

  • Manager or Leader?
  • Who are you leading?
  • The most useful phrase…

Resolve Conflict

  • Managing Anger
  • Concessions, compromise and “cop-outs”
  • Moving forward on agreement

What do our clients say?

I have benefited massively from this course. I  now have confidence in my management style and am able to adapt my behaviour as the situation dictates.

Marc Gerrard | EnerMech

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