Leading Safety

Safety at the sharp end.  Developing leadership and communication skills that influences and transforms safe behaviour in people and teams in hazardous environments.

Safe behaviour in the workplace is directly related to the behaviour of Leadership and Supervisors. Safety performance in hazardous environments is transformed by a leaders positive, confident engagement with people and teams .

Our Leading Safety training programme is for all who lead and manage risk and safe behaviour in a dynamic environments. Leading Safety blends safety management systems with best practice safety leadership – leadership that challenges, encourages , motivates and inspires safe practice.

The programme supports our clients management systems with effective leadership fundamental to safe practice.  Leadership and interactions practice in safety processes will be aligned with recognisable practice up and down your organisation. Fundamental understanding of key safety processes is matched with an understanding of people and engagement .  From Task Risk Assessment to Toolbox Talks we look at how a safety management system and a safe system on paper leads to safe practice in our people.

This programme will offer leadership communication skills and awareness in dynamic environments with an ability to engage and coach safe working practice.

The outcome will be Leadership practice across your organisation consistent in transforming engagement in safety.  Leadership skills delivering sustainable practice – from the Supervisor in the centre of operation to the Senior Executive as supporter, provider and role model. All will operate from the same reference in their leadership of safe practice.

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Leading Safety

Skills Overview

  • Understanding behaviours and types in people
  • Awareness of self and others and what is really being communicated about safety
  • How to adapt and connect with teams and attitudes on safety
  • Ability to handle assertively handle challenges to safety
  • Communication tools for real safety engagement
  • Meaningful feedback on safe practice
  • Intensive learning in practical skills for Leaders in Safety

The Leading Safety programme is customised for each client.

All our programmes develop an ability to adapt a safety conversation that connects, engages and changes behaviour.  The activities during the training develop understanding of unsafe behaviours into transforming behaviour.


Leaders will understand that people need not be seen as a liability or a hazard. The Leaders will develop their ability to be proactive , anticipating developments through their understanding of people and behaviours and using people as a resource for a resilient safety system of practice.


A highly interactive day drawing on participant with skills developed and practiced on customised recognisable scenarios.  Outcomes with personal commitments  to action on Leading Safety.  Delivered across the globe and across environments – from Construction to Chemical, Offshore Asset to Power Station.


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