Culture Assessment & Management Reporting

Strategy, vision and values are part and parcel of the organisation make-up. Some have effective ways to deliver on their promise. Some are less clear. A clear perspective of your organisation from those in the centre of your business tasked to deliver the strategy. We determine how efficient and effective working methods are and the culture that has developed. The outcome is a realistic perspective of where you are compared to where you want to be.

Our reports offer an understanding and perspective of how the vision of the business is really being delivered down the organisation, assessing employees alignment with vision, values and objectives. Our reporting also offers a feedback loop back up the organisation from its employees.

The gofastforward survey is a valuable way for progressive organisations to determine progress with continuous improvement feedback from within the organization. It may be also be prompted where settled ways of working may be being challenged. Niggles and passive resistance may seem more apparent. Strategy just not being delivered.

The unwritten, informal expectations which employees have of their organization need to be understood and the extent to which promises are delivered and obligations are reciprocated. Our reporting and assessment, is a fundamental measure to judge the real health of your organization – where you are, where you need to be and how to respond.

If it’s true that ‘Culture eats Strategy for breakfast’ we need to make sure that the culture creators are leading and managing in ways that realise the strategy – and not work against it.

The survey will establish perceptions of management and leadership practice via interview and questionnaire. This will illustrate:

  • What’s regarded as important in the organisation?
  • Who gets promoted?
  • What behaviours get rewarded?
  • What type of individual fits in and who doesn’t?

We get to understand perception of unwritten, informal expectations which employees have of their organization – the so-called psychological contract. It focuses on the extent to which promises are delivered and obligations are reciprocated. If it is a positive psychological contract, there is likely to be a good sense of mutual trust, a perception of fairness and a high level of commitment to the values and goals of the organisation by its members. It is a useful frame of reference with which to judge the health of a company.

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Features of this review:

  • Report on observable and verifiable behavior
  • Report on perceived motives
  • Concentration on issues relating to communications, change and leadership.
  • Scale used to prompt and report on improvement integer and suggestion.
  • All comments anonymised.
  • Where it is possible to retain anonymity, we will seek to categorise responses into departments to inform specific actions as a result of the survey.

The Process for our Management Reporting is typically:

  • Develop structured interview format that informs subsequent action
  • Interview cross-section of staff on management practices, organisation communication and change.
  • Collate, Review and Report with recommendations using measure, scale and interview response narrative

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