Call Handling Skills

Practical skills on building customer care by telephone

Overview : Telephone Call Handling Skills

  • A Telephone client skills programme delivered flexibly in short segments so that a working day is also a learning day.
  • Practical skills on building customer care by telephone
  • Skills to identify caller types and adapt and connect for a productive call
  • A Call Structure which guides in effective and efficient call handling
  • Understanding the customer service experience

Who is it for?

All who use the telephone to serve or sell.

What is it about?

Developing a trustworthy, productive relationship on the telephone




What will be the outcomes?

The programme is designed specifically for each client. Typically outcomes include :

  • Better Quality Calls
  • Higher Value Interactions
  • Added Value Sales
  • Higher Client Satisfaction
  • Higher problem resolution
  • Higher Call to Sale Ratio
  • More involved employees
  • Stronger team culture


What do our clients say?

A very informative, well structured and interesting programme.  Really engaging and involving.

Graeme Watt, Business Stream