Conflict Resolution

Ok. Let’s sort this out’  ….  This workshop gives you the tools to address conflict and keep moving.

Overview : Conflict Resolution

‘Ok. Let’s sort this out’

Conflict can be healthy. Like a tyre on a road, moving forward requires enough contact to move forward. Too light a touch and you cannot get ‘grip’ to move forward …too much friction and you are rooted to the spot. This session gives you the tools to address the conflict and keep moving.

Who is it for?

Everyone who thinks that in their work they will come across a potential conflict of interest which will only move forward with resolution (yes, that’s right  – this session applies to all)

What will we do?

  • The Heat, Smoke and Fire of Conflict
  • Identify conflict stages
  • Conflict escalation model
  • Understanding the real costs and risks of conflict
  • The 3C of Solution
  • Reactive and proactive responses to conflict.

What are the outcomes?

  •  Confidence in facing conflict
  •  Knowing how to be appropriate in responding
  •  Clairity in the real reason for the conflcit
  •  Ability to understand every conflicting opinion
  •  Solutions to existing conflicts
  •  How to stop an escalating conflict…..
  •  …before it becomes too costly.
  •  Assertive (not passive or aggressive) responses
  •  Ability to broker resolution in other conflicts