Coaching Performance

Understand the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be an effective coach



Overview : Coaching Performance

Our coaching performance workshop helps participants understand the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be an effective coach:

  • A 2- day development programme for small groups
  • Facilitated workshop of typical team coaching
  • Skills to coach the performance of all performers
  • Practice and feedback in typical coaching scenarios
  • Understanding of the role of coach

Who is it for?

All Leaders , Managers ,Team Coach

What is it about?

Developing a trustworthy, productive relationship that positively impacts perfomance

What Will be the outcomes?

The programme is designed specifically for each client. Typically outcomes include:

  • Creates performance out of potential
  • Build confidence in performance discussions with all levels of performance
  • How to manage the underperformer
  • Understanding the person behind the performance
  • The real reason behind under-performance
  • The good practice agreed with the Coaching Client rubs off on the Coach
  • More secure team members; less staff turnover
  • Leadership Confidence in delegated tasks

What do our clients say?

Enjoyable and informative with a good practical session of putting into practice what we learned in a safe environment

Frances Youngson | Business Stream