Offshore Supervisory Leadership

A two day intensive learning event in people skills for Offshore Leaders for Offshore & Remote Assets.  Courses run in across Scotland in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as the UK.





Programme Overview : Offshore Supervisory Leadership

The Offshore Supervisor is key in the Oil & Gas industry. The economic environment in the industry means that now, more than ever, the ability to lead and develop your team , look after your asset and maximise return through safe and efficient offshore execution is vital.

Offshore Supervisory Leadership is a 2 day workshop developed as a result of over 20 years developing management and leadership skills in Oil and Gas.  Participants develops practical leadership skills for immediate use on an asset or terminal.

Highly interactive, Offshore Supervisory Leadership draws on participants personal experience with practice on real, recognisable supervisor scenarios. Participant numbers are limited to maximise impact. The unique gofastforward commit-to-it process records and monitors each participants specific application of the learning with personal coaching.

  • A 2-Day intensive learning event in offshore and remote asset Leadership skills
  • Personal coaching  of each participant to ensure learning transfer
  • Practical & Immediately Applicable Tools and Techniques in getting the best out of Offshore Teams
  • Unique commit-to-it process for measurable application of the tools and techniques
  • Shared Best Practice with other Offshore Supervisors
  • Money-Back Guarantee. If you don’t benefit, we will refund the course fee

Each inhouse programme is tailored and specific to your organisation so that the learning is directly relevant to your day to day leadership.

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“Excellent Training. The Supervisor is the most critical Offshore role and this programme is essential to great performance” Sean Pople | Offshore Manager | Subsea 7

“I had high expectations of our gofastforward programme. It’s fair to say that they have surpassed those expectations significantly.”  Peter Faulkner | Midstream Operations Director | bp


Offshore Supervisory Leadership | 2 Day Programme

Day #1

  • Setting the Scene, The Typical Shift & Personal Plans |  Introductions, reviewing the daily issues and challenges of Offshore Supervision  and participant objectives
  • The Offshore Supervisor Defined | The Good, The Average & The Ugly
  • Successful Leadership | The factors that will make your Offshore  Leadership effective
  • Who you are Leading | …..and what motivates them
  • The Right Leadership Style | The four styles and when to use them


  • Leading Communication | Why all leadership is about Communication
  • Asking Great Questions | ….and listening to the answers.
  • Delegation….that develops | Delegate to get the job done and develop ability
  • Managing Mates | Manage the relationship, maintain the leadership
  • Managing Safety | The visible leadership of zero tolerance

Day #2

  • How to Create & Maintain a Team  | From Forming to Performing…..and Reforming
  • Resolving Team Conflict | Why it happens and how to fix it
  • Feel , See, Think , Do  | The daily feedback process that challenges , encourages and inspires
  • Manage Underperformance | Leading Performance turnaround in individuals and teams


  • ‘Real play’ session | Using Offshore Supervisory Leadership tools and techniques to solve typical challenges
  • Maintain & Sustain | Put the learning into action with a plan to maintain and sustain
  • Feedback, Review & Commit-to-It

What do our clients say?

gofastforward helped us define and deliver supervisors leadership skills that dealt with reality on a vessel – practical methods to confidently get the best out of people and performance.  OSL exceeded our goals and also gave a platform for our Supervisors to continue their career development in the company.

Bob Bryce | Operations Director | Subsea 7